Converting a book to Clicker 5 format

  1. Refer to the book list to see if the book you are interested in converting has been already converted or checked out by someone else.
  2. Edit the book list to check out the book you plan to convert. If the book is not already on the list, then it was added to after the list was first created. Simply add a row and add your book.
  3. Download the book from
  4. Use the to convert the book.

Using the template

  1. First, review the hard copy of the book and use the sample pages to see how the pictures and text from the book you are working on will fit into the various layouts.
  2. Modify the layouts in the Master Grids as needed so that you have a master grid for each page of the book.
  3. Delete the sample pages and start creating the book.
  4. Note that on the master grids in the template, the pictures are outlined in black. This is so that you can easily see which page you want from the Grid-->Add grid option in the menu bar. If the pictures did not have borders, all of the page layouts would look identical.
  5. Once you are finished creating the book, you can go into the master grids and change the picture cell properties to "no border." This will remove the border from all of the pages in your book.
  6. Note that the master grids included in the template have cell groups set up in such a way so that when you are using the auditory scan feature, the book will not say "read" each time you turn the page. If you create your own master grid rather than editing on that is already there, this enhancement will not work on those pages. E-mail Linda if you need help.
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Advantages of Clicker 5

  • Master grids make it easy to create a variety of page layouts that will work for a book. Once the layouts are created in the master grids, it is very quick to create the book.
  • If something needs to be changed on all pages after the book is already created, this is quick and easy to do with the master grids.
  • Switch access works just by choosing the correct option in the "user access" area (as long as your switches are connected correctly to the computer). There is no need to attach overlays as you do with Classroom Suite.

Disadvantages of Clicker 5

  • Pictures automatically resize to the size of the cell, so it is not possible to maintain the original picture size, which is usually the optimal one for viewing.
  • When using auditory scan, the program will default to speaking the prompt in the first button scanned. This was a bit annoying since the book would say "read" every time you turned the page. The technical folks at Crick came up with a workaround for this, which is incorporated into the template ().
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