What's involved in being a volunteer:

  1. Volunteers check the book list to make sure the book they are planning to convert has not already been converted.
  2. Volunteers "sign out" the book on the book list.
  3. Volunteers download books from accessiblebookcollection.org
  4. Check if pictures that are 500 pixels high are available for the book you chose by looking at Optional Pictures
  5. Convert the book to a switch accessible format using IntelliTools Classroom Suite, Clicker 5 or Boardmaker Plus!. In this way, you can create books much more quickly because you do not have to scan the pictures on your own.
  6. Templates and tips are provided for Clicker 5 and Intellitools Classroom Suite formats.
  7. Volunteers then send the books to Linda Wilson or Darlene Brodbeck by email for review.
  8. Linda or Darlene sends the completed book to Joe for posting to accessiblebookcollection.org.

How to get started

  1. Send an email to Joe Rickerson to make plans for access to accessiblebookcollection.org.
  2. Click on Join This Space to get access to this wiki. When prompted to type a message to the wiki manager, make sure you say who you are. Preferably, when you set up your wikispaces account, use a login name that identifies you and set up the profile so we can know who you are.

Be a part of this project

Review the pages on this wiki and post your own comments or revisions. Take part in a conversation about what the best format for electronic books to provide access to the most students.