6/08: Book Launcher now available. Sam Sennot made a launcher for ICS books so that users can scan to choose which book they want to read. The launcher is sort of an "accessible bookshelf." A must for anyone using ICS with books from the Accessible Book Collection.
1/20/07: New enhancements. Linda has made a few changes to the ebook overlays and to the template. Please download the new versions. See here for a detailed description.

Linda decided to come up with a standard set of features for a book, and then create that book both in Clicker 5 and in IntelliTools Classroom Suite, to see which would be the best tool. As it turned out, both programs had their advantages and disadvantages.

Converting a book

  1. Refer to the book list to see if the book you are interested in converting has been already converted or checked out by someone else.
  2. Edit the book list to check out the book you plan to convert. If the book is not already on the list, then it was added to accessiblebookcollection.org after the list was first created. Simply add a row and add your book.
  3. Download the book from accessiblebookcollection.org.
  4. Use the to convert the book.
  5. Follow the directions here to

Using the template

E-mail Linda if you need help.

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Advantages of IntelliTools Classroom Suite

  • Many special education staff and children have this software.
  • Pictures are added in their original size which is the best quality for viewing.
  • You can use overlays with the IntelliKeys to provide even more access options.
  • You can create animations for the illustrations.

Disadvantages of IntelliTools Classroom Suite

  • For those who haven't used the program to create activities, the learning curve is somewhat higher as compared to Clicker 5.
  • If you decide later that you would like something changed on every page, you must manually change it on each page of the book.
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