March 3, 2008

Download the most current template and overlays.
- version 1.6 (with read button in the tool bar and scan options set to read scans first, then next page)

- this is the file that subscribers will download with instructions for using the eBook.

March 3, 2008 - Description of Changes for version 1.6

  • Noticed that the scan order was incorrect in the template. Corrected the scan order so that "read" scans first, then "next page", and then "do something else."

July 18, 2007 - Description of Changes

  • Decided that it was cleaner to have the "read" button in the toolbar so eliminated the READ button on the pages.
  • Scanning order is still "read," "next page," and then "do something else"
  • The big advantage of this is that you do not have to remove all your pictures from the scan sequence manually any more. All you have to do is lock all elements on the page, and there are no more problems with a scanner having to scan through the elements on the page. This was accomplished through the Options-->Switch Scanning-->Set scanning order menu.

July 10, 2007 - Description of Changes

  1. Noticed that the book template that was uploaded to the site did not have the "read it again" and "close book" buttons that are described below, so I uploaded the latest version.
  2. Added sound effects to the "next" and "close the book" buttons.

January 20, 2007 - Description of Changes

  1. The overlays did not exactly match the template so not all of the buttons would work
  2. The overlay is simplified with the following button names: previous, next, read, close the book, read it again. You MUST have your button names match in your books for the overlays to work. However you can change the auditory feedback to anything you want under Attributes-->Singular Name. You can change what the button sounds like when you click on it under sound.
  3. Note that the reason that the book would scan read and next prior to scanning previous was because of the way the toolbars are configured. Press CTRL-H to edit the toolbars. If the buttons were all in the same toolbar, you would not be able to force read and next before previous without putting them in that order. I prefered the visual layout of the buttons being where they make the most sense.
  4. Two new buttons are added to the toolbar that houses the previous button and the toolbar is renamed "do something else." Those buttons are start over and close the book.
  5. Before, the Start Over button and the Close the Book button would only work when you were on the last page of the story. Now, with the addition of the new buttons in the toolbar, they will work on any page. However, if you mask the buttons, then they will not work. We can assume that if you needed to mask the buttons on the tool bar, then you were probably using the book with a scanner rather than someone who needed the keyboard for access, so this is likely not a problem. (Thoughts on that?)